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Loyalty, a word that in many hearts rings with warmth and great value. A quality that can be found in people who invokes endearment and appreciation from those people who are the recipient of it’s expressions. A quality which is “part and parcel” to true friendship. In reality, I’d state that without it, true friendship is lost. For how can true friendship stand if there is no trust or reliability, and loyalty is the very foundation of trust. There can be love in a relationship without loyalty being expressed by all partners, but there can not be a love relationship. Meaning this, that in relationships it is usually sadly correct that love (that is expressed in loyalty) will not go both ways. For love to be a mutually reciprocating thing then loyalty much be seen practiced by all.

Loyalty is defined by a very common dictionary as “feelings of allegiance”. But does loyalty only go as far as feelings? Do feelings of allegiance alone constitute loyalty? I believe not. Yes, I would feel that the majority of us would state that loyalty has feelings of allegiance, however with out actions that spring forth from allegiance shouldn’t it be said that the feelings are very shallow? So that we discover that loyalty is always to stand in allegiance to another one within both feeling and action. But, what exactly is the highest type of loyalty? I would personally say it is really not just to uphold another, but to face by them to the final that truth might prevail. An example of the negative side of here is the many who were very faithful to Hitler’s Germany, but ultimately who will say their loyalty was a good or perhaps a profitable thing? In like manner, all of our loyalties at life’s end is going to be judged whether they were according to the truth or not. Sad to say I am afraid that the loyalties of many will not be found to the praise of Christ.

Undoubtedly loyalty as been exemplified in men’s lives since the beginning of creation. Having Said That I hold there only has ever been one man that has perfectly exemplified loyalty, and that is Jesus the Righteous. How did He prove this? What actions of His life are recorded that bare the witness that His life alone perfectly exemplifies a life of the purest loyalties?

Firstly, He was loyal to His Father, who had been the One that commissioned (sent) Him in to the world. He ever obeyed the word (commandment) of His Father. This really is seen in which he humbled Himself to set aside His deity, to then be located in the fashion of a man who came in to the world as a baby born of any virgin woman to reside among a poor and oppressed people. He grew looking for the means of His Father, to have out His earthly ministry, to be delivered to a spot of rejection and betrayal by all men. Then to be condemned to your humiliating trial, brutalization, and death, and every one of this was in the command of His father. So that He may be get to be the savior which was needed to express the love of God to your lost creation, offering the salvation that men needed. Oh, the way i am thankful that He was loyal, for the very bitter end of His natural life.

Secondly, He (Christ) was (and I believe is, and can ever be) faithful to His very own word and oath. We percieve this first in that He kept His oath for the Father because He completely played the element of becoming savior to any or all men. This is noticed in Psalms 40: 6-8, (KJV) “Sacrifice and offering thou didst not desire; mine ears hast thou opened: burnt offering and sin offering hast thou not necessary. Then said I, Lo, I come; within the level of the book it really is written of me, I delight to do thy will O my God; yea, thy law is within my heart.” Christ’s loyalty to His Father, obeying Him to the point of death can also be established through the testimony in the writer of Hebrews 12:2b (KJV), “who for your joy set before him endured the cross, despising the shame,…..” Then He rose from your dead as He said He would. He sent the baptism in the Holy Spirit because he said He would. He gave gifts unto men (the ascension offices of the New Testament Church) as He said He would. He’s alive in Heaven making intercession for all Believers while he should really be. He will come again to receive His very own unto Himself, and at that time to judge the righteous and the wicked, even while He stated He would. He is loyal to His word, and in so doing He or she is loyal to all men.

Thirdly, Christ was and it is faithful to His brethren. This brave is encapsulated in the first and second loyalties of Christ’s heart. In that He or she is loyal to the Father and also to Himself, He can not but assistance to be faithful to His brothers and sisters yet on earth. How could this be proven? I might say it is quite easily proven because He has never lied to, or abandoned His own. I do not think that there is person who can honestly state that Christ has never kept His word to His very own. I think that all the promises of God (Christ) benefit us, whenever we work them correctly.

There is simply one way. It is located in finding yourself in Christ, and after that in using Christ. From the operation of faith receiving Him as the savior and sovereign of one’s life. Through the regeneration of the Holy Spirit, which creates within the Believer a brand new inner man. One which is not fashioned after this world and its ways, but is fashioned after the One who calls us from above. Beyond these, the actions of loyalty are learned by the renewing in our minds, where we figure out how to fashion our habits following the habits of Jesus. To the extent we shall do this, we will be shown to be loyal, first for the Lord, and then to men around us, in accordance with the various relationships that we expertise in this mortal life. In this particular the fact is the realization in the failure of our nation’s people as expressed in how we have rejected God within our schools, inside our churches, in our government and institutions. For in so doing we are more and more being a people where our citizens lack fascination with their neighbors. This creates a self serving people, a people who have fewer examples of true and noble loyalty. For this reason we tyjanm a divorce rate of nearly 70%, why we have now murdered nearly 40 million babies through “legalized” abortion, why most any where in America you can open a mobile phone book embracing the Online Directory and locate page after page of attorneys being listed. And why is this so? This is due to we are a nation loaded with litigation. Neighbor suing neighbor in courts of law. The truest form of loyalty can only will likely be found where Christ is received as the core of men’s lives.

I might say the greatest enemy of loyalty to God and our neighbor is self-centeredness. Self is the best enemy that the Christian has. This is a far greater enemy then Satan. Loyalty, whether to God, or to one’s neighbor is impossible until one learns to deny self. Beyond self there are many negative character qualities that are counter-productive to loyalty. Unbelief is one of these. Just how can one be loyal to either God or man when the initial one is unable to believe? Confusion and ignorance is another. Not being able to conduct one’s self with a clear understanding will affect one’s capability to perform in a loyal manner. This is the reason God has given the Christian the mind of Christ, that by operating within his mind we might be able to conduct ourselves with clear and sound thought

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