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Gmail has never had an easy way to rename email subjects. The problem? It causes problems when you forward or save emails for future reference. On the Gmail app for the phone, this is even easier. While crafting a reply or forwarded email, the Subject line will appear and be editable above the body of the email. Just scroll up and change the topic to whatever you decide to like.

Change the Subject Line inside your Email Conversations – Gmail groups conversations. This can be awesome and terrible. Having conversations of emails together is really handy until it gets out of control and also you can’t find the conversation. What groups a conversation together in show subject line in gmail has the same subject line. If two differing people give you an e-mail with the exact same subject line, these are grouped right into a conversation. This may be a blessing as well as a curse.

For instance, let’s say you booked a flight. Did you ever notice just how the confirmation number and the final destination of your trip is never within your subject title whenever a travel company sends you with a trip confirmation? Or what happens if you’re in a customer care role, as well as the customer who wrote an email simply titles their email subject “Problem”. It’s so ambiguous- especially if you want to keep track of any recurring issues within the company. Now you can fix that trouble with just a click. Now when you receive emails, you are able to organize them better, which makes them easy to find later, if necessary.

Here’s how it works straight from Gmail:

Step One: Select the pencil icon

The pencil icon is situated in the top toolbar:

Step 2: Rename the e-mail

Provide the email a new subject line

Gmail lets you change the topic of a reply or forwarded email, however the option is a bit hidden. This is particularly useful whenever you must reply with “UNSUBSCRIBE” in the subject line to be removed a subscriber list. To luwbzq this in the web version of Gmail, select the “Reply,” “Reply All,” or “Forward” solution to start composing your reply or forwarded email.

Click on the button on the left of the “To” field and after that click “Edit Subject.” Gmail will highlight a message compose pane having an editable subject field. Change it to anything you want-you could add the word “UNSUBSCRIBE,” take away the “Fwd:” coming from a forwarded email, or write a brand new subject line. That’s all you have to do. Click “Send” to send the e-mail when you’re done composing it.

Now, your email will automatically be updated towards the new subject title you gave it! Rename Email Is Free and Unlimited Using Rename Email is free of charge and unlimited for anyone using Gmail.

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